You know, for some reason in America, a lot of people seem to have a hard time grasping the 1st amendment. Now in the 1700's people were known for fancy talk but I don't think it could read so much more simple. No abridging of freedom of speech. Now, some people seem to think this means you can say whatever you want as long as it doesn't offend anyone. Some freedom. You know, at least the monarchs never denied that they suppressed freedom of speech. Sure, they use the guise of "protecting" like moralists use today but if you were to go up and say "You're suppressing my right to say what I want" he would say "Tough shit"

Then you would probably be thrown in prison for the rest of your life, unless the king went "Oh, forgot. Oh well, he's almost dead anyway. Make sure someone throws his corpse in some ditch, you know how they can really stink the place up"

People tend to forget the monarch died quite some time ago. Sure, they still have a king and queen in England, but they're only figure heads and quite honestly are only there so people can post naked pictures of them on the internet for people to masturbate to. I know you gun ho censorship people miss being able to murder people for expressing "immoral" ideas like you did centuries ago but that's really no excuse. You don't think I miss the days when my ancestors were pillaging towns and kidnapping beautiful women for a kinky night? You kidding, my ancestors had a blast. However that was then and we really should move on.

Censorship works with very circular logic. The reasons you use to ban Harry Potter or 50 cent, I could use to have the Bible banned. That's right all those bible thumpers out there, the reasons you use to ban things I could use to ban your good'ol bible. Or anything you like. Then you would go pissing and moaning "That ain't fair!" 

Yet you forget at the same time you SUPPORT banning something you DON'T like. 
Let me make it simple:

You have something I like banned for idiotic reasons
I have something you like banned for said reasons
You Piss and moan about how it isn't fair that YOUR book got banned

Speaking of idiotic reasons, 
let's get to those.


         "This will desensitize our children to violence"

You would rather they faint at the sight of a cracking knuckle? I'm desensitized to violence, hasn't caused me or anyone else problems. This point is moot.

"It will make our children criminals"

This is absurd. You realize how high crime rates would be if exposure to a form of media made a child a criminal? There has never been a case where a form of media actually inspired someone. The person has always either been mentally disturbed from the get go, or is using a scapegoat to take heat off them.

"We don't want our children watching this filth!"

News flash: we're not your god damn babysitters. Why should we stop enjoying ourselves because you have a problem with something? You do what you want in your household, block channels, whatever, just don't drag the rest of us alone. Do people even realize how selfish this is?


This shows you are very insecure about your beliefs. What's the problem? If it doesn't turn you away from your beliefs, what's the harm? If it does, then obviously you weren't very devout. What if it turns others away? Too bad. You have no right to impose your religious views on others. You can move to Sudan or Cuba, you'll be happier with how they handle things.

"I was disturbed by what I saw"

I've been disturbed by things too. So what? Don't see it, no one's holding you at gunpoint saying you have to see these things.

"Lowering the morals of our society"

And what exactly is moral? Who dictates morality? You? That book of fairy tales some old fart reads for an hour every Sunday?


Just about anything can be interpreted as racist or sexist, even if it's not. Even if it is so, what's the big deal? I'm not fan of racists or sexists, however if you truly believe they are wrong then they have done nothing. If someone is somehow convinced to become a sexist/racist then obviously they had some deep seated feeling of ill towards them to begin with.

"Over sexual"

We're all humans. We all succumb to lust and will forever. Watching something to fulfill the desire of your raging hormones won't hurt anybody. As long as you're not hurting anyone, why should it matter?

"Promotes homosexuality!"

So you're a bigot. Don't waste time reading this then, hurry up to your K.K.K rally. Especially don't forget your Neo Nazi raids on gay bars and Jewish homes.

Censorship never has and never will help anyone, ever.